List of the Best Hotels in Jakarta and Tips for Getting Promo Prices

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If Jakarta is your destination or business trip, make sure you have a list of the best hotels in Jakarta as a means of finding the best accommodation. Usually, the best hotels are hotels that are identical to 5-star hotels. But in reality, the best hotels are hotels that have high values ​​in various aspects. Hotel facilities and prices are usually the main key for a hotel to be said to be the best.

Then why do you have to look your best? the best hotels always offer the comfort and safety of their guests. If you travel, then you can enjoy your free days with fun. Whereas if you travel on business, your rest will be of higher quality. Make no mistake, the quality and service of a hotel greatly influences how a person is on vacation or on a business trip.

Because usually the best hotels are dominated by starred ones, there will be additional information regarding tips for getting promo prices or low prices. Of course everyone will be happy if they get a discount for the best hotel that will be visited. The main information is about the 6 best hotel listings and is presented below.


Best Hotels in Jakarta, List of the Best Hotels in Jakarta and Tips for Getting Promo Prices

Best Price on Raffles Jakarta in Jakarta Reviews

The best hotel that will be first recommended specifically for you is the Raffles Hotel. This hotel is the only hotel in Jakarta that is able to rank as the 10 best hotels in Indonesia in a well-known magazine. For those of you who are looking for the best accommodations, luxury and luxury, this hotel is the best recommendation.

Hotel Raffles is located on Lotte Shopping Avenue, Ciputra Word 1, South Jakarta. The nearest airport is Halim Perdanakusuma Airport, which only takes a few minutes to get to the location. This location is very strategic because it is located in the city center and has easy access to anywhere.

Staying at this hotel is also recommended because it is close to shopping centers and tourist attractions. For shopping, you only need 5 minutes walk to get to Ciputra World and Ciputra Artpreneur. Other nearby malls are Ambassador mall, Lotte Shopping Avenue and Kuningan City.

At this hotel, you can also easily access several interesting tourist sites which are located not far away, including the Satria Mandala Museum, the HI Roundabout, the Elephant Museum, and Monas which can be reached in less than 10 minutes’ drive.

The facilities offered by this hotel are also no joke. Among them are outdoor facilities such as parks and swimming pools, children’s clubs, fitness, tennis courts, libraries and other luxury facilities that are usually found in 5-star hotels. What’s interesting is the hotel staff is able to serve guests in 8 different languages.


Best Hotels in Jakarta, List of the Best Hotels in Jakarta and Tips for Getting Promo Prices

Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta, Indonesia

The next best recommended hotel is the Four Season Hotel. The hotel is designed by combining artistic modern architectural designs. You will not find hotels with similar designs in Jakarta.

Located on Jalan Gatot Subroto Kav 8, Kuningan Barat, South Jakarta, this hotel is very close to Halim Perdanakusuma Airport. You only need less than 15 minutes to get to the location of the airport. The location around the hotel is a favorite location for tourists. That means that around the location there are several interesting attractions.

When staying here, you can visit some of the nearby attractions that can be reached only by foot or just a short drive. Some of the attractions around the hotel are the Satria Mandala Museum, KidZania Jakarta, and the HI Roundabout.

Do you like shopping or just refreshing your eyes at the mall? Don’t worry, there are big malls around the hotel. The closest mall that you can reach is Lotte Shopping Avenue, Ambassador Mall, Kuningan City and Plaza Semanggi. You can walk or drive less than 5 minutes to get to the malls.

Staying at this hotel not only makes you able to watch the city of Jakarta from a height, but you will feel the typical luxury facilities. Starting from the complete room facilities, more than 5 fitness facilities, and even business facilities for those of you who want to hold business here.


Best Hotels in Jakarta, List of the Best Hotels in Jakarta and Tips for Getting Promo Prices

YELLO Hotel Harmoni, Jakarta, Indonesia

Are you looking for the best accommodations in Jakarta that offer artistic value designs and have their own philosophies? If so, the answer is YELLO Hotel Harmoni. The design concepts that are displayed are cheerful and happy concepts. The hotel is located at Jalan Hayam Wuruk No 6, gambir, Central Jakarta which is easily accessible. The closest airport to this hotel is Halim Perdanakusuma Airport which only takes less than 15 minutes to get to the location.

For business holidays, you do not need to panic to visit attractions around the hotel which is included in the list of the best five-star hotels in Jakarta. There are many attractions that can be reached on foot or by driving a few minutes. Nearby attractions are Taman Prasasti Museum, National Archives Building, Elephant Museum, Monas and Istiqlal Mosque for religious tourism. As for shopping, you can visit Mangga Dua Square which only takes 4 minutes drive.

The hotel which is included in the list of the best hotels in Jakarta offers you a variety of unique and unique luxury amenities. Although the facilities are complete, it turns out that this hotel charges a lower price compared to hotels in its class.


Best Hotels in Jakarta, List of the Best Hotels in Jakarta and Tips for Getting Promo Prices

The Hermitage, A Tribute Portfolio Hotel, Jakarta

The hotel, which has the full name The Hermitage, The Portfolio Hotel is the next best recommendation hotel. Located on Jalan Cilacap No 1, this hotel is easily accessible from the nearest airport, namely Halim Perdanakusuma Airport. It only takes 15 minutes from the airport to be able to stop at this hotel.

Besides offering a beautiful view of Jakarta, this hotel is also one of the hotels that offers luxury amenities. One of the hotel restaurants you can visit while enjoying the sunset in the Jakarta sky. This scenery is very beautiful and is a rare thing. Artistic and modern design will make you feel at home to stay in this hotel.

You can visit several popular tourist attractions nearby such as Taman Ismail Marzuki and Monas. Because of its strategic location, you can also visit nearby malls such as Thamrin City and UOB Plaza Tharim.


Best Hotels in Jakarta, List of the Best Hotels in Jakarta and Tips for Getting Promo Prices

Best Price on Fairmont Jakarta Hotels in Jakarta Reviews

The next hotel recommendation is the Fairmont Hotel. The hotel is located at Jalan Asia Afrika No 8, Central Jakarta. Located in the Senayan area, this hotel has become one of the favorite hotels for both leisure and business. Evidenced by the many events such as seminars, conferences, and other important meetings held here.

This hotel can be a consideration for your accommodation while in Jakarta. With outdoor facilities that include at least 5 specific facilities, complete room facilities and other service facilities that will make guests feel comfortable, the hotel is included in the category of hotel recommendations for tourists who will come to Jakarta.

Tourist attractions and popular landmarks surround this hotel. For a vacation, the nearest recommended attractions are the Bung Karno Stadium, Monas and the Elephant Museum. To visit these places, you can walk or drive in just a few minutes. Or do you like shopping? Don’t worry, the location of the hotel is surrounded by big malls which are favorite places. Some of the closest malls are Mall Senayan City and Pacific Place.

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Best Hotels in Jakarta, List of the Best Hotels in Jakarta and Tips for Getting Promo Prices

Best Price on Shangri-la Hotels in Jakarta Reviews

One of the 5-star hotels as “a luxury 5-star hotel” is the last recommendation in the list of the best luxury hotels in Jakarta. The location of the hotel is in the city of BNI Jalan Jenderal Sudirman kav 1, Jakarta Pusat. This luxury hotel has a special landscape for fitness, 24-hour room service and facilities related to food. One of the favorite guests here is the bar and fitness and health center that is different from other hotels.

The closest landmarks that you can visit when staying here are the Great Sunda Kelapa mosque and the HI Roundabout. If you prefer to visit the mall, around the hotel there are also many malls that can be visited on foot. These malls are Thamrin City, Grand Indonesia Mall and Plaza Indonesia.

For accommodation options in Jakarta with a luxurious and modern concept but giving a feel like at home, this hotel is the best recommendation. Even for business matters, this hotel is very suitable because it provides facilities for meetings and other business activities. There are room choices that can be tailored to your business guests, even up to thousands of people.


Staying at the best luxury hotels at promo prices will be something impressive for you. People usually ask, is it possible? Of course, I can. Especially if you have flexible time to travel, then you are very lucky.

First you have to do is become a loyal customer of the travel service provider site which is also engaged in accommodation. Or it could be a special site that helps you find accommodation. Usually, being a loyal customer by receiving news via email will make you more quickly get information about promo prices. In addition, discounts are also very possible to get specifically for members.

The second is knowing the time of the promo or discount. An accommodation service provider site has its own time to make a discount program or promo. Usually, promo times occur when the end and beginning of the year, the Republic of Indonesia’s Independence Day, and the launching month of the website. Not infrequently these sites offer discounts or discounts that reach 80%. Even more fun, these price discounts also apply to luxury hotels though.

With these tips, you can get the best hotel prices at low prices. If you are interested in staying at one of the recommended hotels above, you can try to apply these tips. But if you do not have flexible time to stay, you can do the tips by booking in advance through the accommodation service provider application. Through the application, the price offered is usually lower. Some of these agents also usually inform you that you can get cheaper prices through the application.

Right now, you can start the adventure of finding the best and luxurious accommodation at a friendly price. The list of the best hotels in Jakarta above will help and make it easier for you to compare the type of hotel that suits your taste.